Would I fit here?

Would I fit here?

Following Jesus

Do you follow Jesus or are you interested in knowing more about him? We follow the teachings of Jesus but everyone does that in their own way, sometimes with differing views on what it looks like. That is okay. We like to think you can hold your own views and be part of our community, while accepting that others could think differently from you.

Building Community

Come along if you want to be part of a community that:

  • looks out for each other
  • looks out others in our local community
  • is faithful through the ups and downs of life.

You can just sit in a pew, but joining in will help you get to know others and learn more about yourself and God.

We like to try new ideas and ways of being an Anglican community together in this fast changing world. Our ideas don’t always work, but we believe our best days are ahead of us. Being able to forgive others and being generous in spirit helps to make building the community more fun for everyone.  Come along and make a difference.